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Digital Artery Volume Index [DAVIX - MRI Imaging Tool]

MRI sequence and software method to detect blood vessel narrowing within the fingers, indicative of Systemic Sclerosis, Scleroderma or other conditions with digital blood vessel narrowing.
Technology No. 19061

The Leeds technology relates to an MRI sequence and software method, called DAVIX which can be used to measure the amount of arterial blood flow within the fingers without contrast. The researchers indicate that the technology can be used to detect blood vessel narrowing caused by neointima proliferation, which occurs in conditions such as Systemic Sclerosis or Scleroderma.

The technology can be used as a direct measure of digital artery capacity/ volume and as a surrogate measure of vascular disease activity in Scleroderma. The researchers suggest that the technology could be used in other conditions where vessel narrowing occurs, such as atherosclerosis or Diabetes.

For any queries please contact:

Francesco Del Galdo: F.DelGaldo@leeds.ac.uk

Olga Kubassova: olga.kubassova@ia-grp.com

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Term: 4 years

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£7,500.00 excl. VAT

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