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Self-Management of Chronic Orofacial Pain Including TMD

This guide has been written to help self-manage Chronic Orofacial Pain.
Technology No. 19028

The guide, can be used by both patients and clinicians, for self-management of chronic orofacial pain. It allows patients and clinicians to build a collaborative partnership to understand the problem from the patient perspective using impact questionnaires. It is problem led as opposed to diagnosis focused and requires patients to set goals which can be targeted by intervention techniques described in the manual.

If you are a person suffering from chronic orofacial pain, this manual includes case studies of people experiencing the same issues as you are. By reading and talking about the feelings & pain you have, will help you see that you are not alone & that there are people & methods available to assist you to manage your pain. The aim of this guide is to empower you to learn how to deal with these kinds of feelings. Of course, everyone is an individual but hopefully this guide will give you a starting point for managing your own feelings.

It has 4 sections:

1. Education about chronic orofacial pain using patient stories and information about pain mechanisms and sub-types of chronic orofacial pain

2. Understanding impact of the pain, identifying vicious cycles and goal setting

3. Intervention techniques to self-manage pain

4. Recovery stories and relapse prevention

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