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CARE-Mayku Mask

The CARE-Mayku Mask is a vacuum formed reusable protective mask with a removable, disposable filter, designed for use in the COVID-19 pandemic.
Technology No. 19091

The CARE-Mayku Mask has been designed as an emergency response for use during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a vacuum formed, reusable protective mask consisting of (a) an impermeable flexible body vacuum formed from recyclable PTEG, which can be tightly fitted to the user’s face, and (b) a removable, disposable  filter segment through which all the inhaled and exhaled breath flows when the mask is properly fitted to the user’s face.  The CARE-Mayku Mask is the result of extensive design and testing to the standards for filtration and breathability set out in in BS EN 14683 for medical face masks and BS EN 149 and BS EN 1827 for respirators.

Once local hospital management and clinicians have checked the quality of their supply of CARE-Mayku Masks, the masks may, at clinician's discretion, be used where WHO guidelines require the use of an EN 14683-compatible disposable Medical Face Mask, i.e. where aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) are not being performed.

All information and support documents required to enable manufacture and distribution of CARE-Mayku Masks are provided including g-codes for 3D-printing the moulds and cutting tools,  manufacturer, user and hospital instructions, and standards, testing and use.

Protocols for the mask can also be accessed through our mobile web app at projectcare.gitlab.io

Licensees’ and other users’ attention is drawn to minor changes made to the Licence Agreement on 20/04/2021. Licensees will have received a summary of the changes by email.

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    Project CARE_Mayku Mask_Abridged_CARE for Users_3.pdf
    Project CARE_Mayku Mask_Abridged_CARE for Users_3.pdf
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    Project CARE_ Mayku Mask_A0 Poster_CARE for Users_3.pdf
    Project CARE_ Mayku Mask_A0 Poster_CARE for Users_3.pdf
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    Project CARE_Mayku Mask_CARE for Hospitals_4.pdf
    Project CARE_Mayku Mask_CARE for Hospitals
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    Project CARE_Mayku Mask_Instructions_CARE for Users_5.pdf
    Project CARE_Mayku Mask_Instructions_CARE for Users
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    CARE-Mayku Mask Standards Testing Use V15 - 2020-11-27.pdf
    CARE-Mayku Mask Standards Testing Use
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